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Stringbean Years 1975 - 1978
In 1975. Rocky Rockamoto left the band, to be replaced by Stringbean, also known as Stretch Marx (real name Gary Walchuk).

From 1975 promo:
“On the Fender Bass: the amazing STRINGBEAN. This master of ohm-burning thunder on the basso profundo has levelled nearly every bar on this planet.

On Lead Guitar and Toys: the inimitable ART THE FART THE HEAVY METAL KID. Dis kid plays everything from tasty licks to metal sludge and he knows how to beef a song performance with fire/blizzard tones and clear diction.

On the Chrome Drums: The highly questionable CAPTAIN MANIAC. This mangy-maned artillery unit hammers away with explosive sounds, and also ventures into blast-register vocal excursions and rude noises.”

Art the Fart the Heavy Metal Kid guitar

Captain Maniac drums

Stringbean (aka Stretch Marx) bass