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Art the Fart the Heavy Metal Kid guitar

Captain Maniac drums

Slim Chance bass

Slim Chance Years 1984 - 1990

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After the breakup of the band, each member drifted into a different occupation. As a truck driver, Captain Maniac met up with fellow trucker Slim Chance (real name Gary Purcell), and the two conspired to form a 60s-70s cover band. Former Sparkling Apple guitarist Art the Fart was at the time available, so the three launched a weekend project known as Bruce Wayne & the All-Niters. This band was content to play small bars as a sideline to their day jobs, but soon their popularity grew when it was discovered that this was, after all, Sparkling Apple in disguise! After a successful engagement at the Scottsdale Inn, the band opted to go by its old moniker, Sparkling Apple, and played in the Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island areas until the early 90s.