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Art the Fart the Heavy Metal Kid guitar

Captain Maniac drums

Kevin Swain bass

kevin years 1990 -1993,   2010-Present
Before long, Sparkling Apple had run its course, and Art left the band. Friend and local guitarist Joe Staples suggested that a new band be formed featuring Captain Maniac (oddly enough, CALLED Captain Maniac), with Joe on guitar and former Idle Eyes member Kevin Swain on bass. Despite good intentions, the Captain Maniac band only lasted a couple of gigs. In 1991, Art rejoined Captain Maniac and Kevin as the new and improved SPARKLING APPLE. Highlights of this short-lived period were two appearances with Colin James (including a BC Tour) as well as gigs at several Lower Mainland hot spots. It is notable that Kevin was the only Sparkling Apple member without a funny nickname! 

The band finally went into hibernation in 1993, not to be seen again until 2010...

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