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Art the Fart the Heavy Metal Kid guitar

Captain Maniac drums

Buzz Constantly bass


Click the above Vancouver Seeds artwork to go to the C-FOX website, and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the first Vancouver Seeds album.

THE BUZZ CONSTANTLY years were the most prolific in Sparkling Apple’s history: in addition to performing as opening act for Pat Benatar, Doug and the Slugs and Randy Hansen shows, the band released several singles and EPs on their own label, RadioActive. Whereas most bands today would issue their music on CDs or downloadable MP3s, Sparkling Apple’s only option in the 70s and 80s was VINYL!

Little Bit (4 song EP)
It’s Criminal (single b/w Never Gonna Kiss You Bye Bye)
If You Could See Me Now (5-song 12-inch EP)

All released on RadioActive Records.
Buzz Constantly Years 1978 - 1981 (and 1983)

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